Madden NFL 21: How To Kneel

Kneeling the ball in Madden 21 is performed by accessing the clock management section of special teams.

Knowing how to kneel in Madden 21 is important with the effectiveness. Not knowing how to kneel in a close game in Madden 21 could be the difference between winning and losing against a good defense. Here's how you can take a knee to avoid a game-changing fumble or bad kickoff return.

To kneel the ball in Madden 21, make sure you’re in the clock management section of special teams. Clock management is a crucially important skill you’ll need to master to steal wins or hang onto them at the end of games. Mismanaging the clock, such as not kneeling the ball when you should be or not calling timeouts when you need to, can and will cost you games.

In those sets of plays, you’ll see options such as spiking the football (to save time), fake spiking (to throw people off in situations where you would likely spike), and Kneel Ball. Obviously, if you’re here, what you’re interested in picking is kneeling the ball.

Kneeling the ball is an important play that should be your go-to if you’re wanting to run the clock down safely. While it’s probably less of a hassle just to hand the ball off and have one of your players conservatively run forward gain a few yards, you’re still running the risk of losing possession via a fumble. Instead, a kneel ensures that nothing can really go wrong as you tick the clock down those precious few seconds!

If victory is dependent on just wasting time, use the no-risk option of kneeling, so you don’t make a mistake that opens the door for the opponent to come back.

That’s everything there is to know about how to kneel the ball in Madden 21. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to click here. Also, you can buy madden 21 mut coins here. It's cheap, safe and fast. With these coins, you will get the best experience!

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