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New Cat Features New features include: Cats assisting fight monsters. Cat Worn Inventory. Photographs will be produced soon. Cats helping fight monsters. Now, cats can scratch, bite and RuneScape gold claw enemies alongside you! Certain restrictions will be necessary though. Cats will automatically attack monsters that you strike.

The harm done by your pet depends upon it's cat claws weapon. Any damage done by the cat will not count towards your skills, eg. Cats can also be attacked by the creature. Cats are swift avoid the majority of the attack. The armour may prevent the harm done from 10 damage, the max hit a monster could do to cats. eg. 10 - two (iron kitty armour) = 8.

Cats have a Hitpoints level of 15. 1. The damage is only prevented with a whole set. When cats expire, they will do a dying animation. Your cat will fall whatever it was wearing and it is corpse. Afterwards, you can go to Gertrude and cover her to cure your cat.

Cats are going to have worn inventory comprising the armour/cat claws which are equipped to your kitty. If your cat is not in your inventory/on ground, a message will inform you so. The inventory contains 4 slots. Evidently, the catbodies go on human anatomy, etc.. The worn stock for cats can be obtained by clicking your kitty and selecting"Worn Inventory". This can't be done to other people's cats.

Hello thanks again for saving my cat. Choice 1: No issue. (End) | Choice 2: Have you learned more about cats? (Continue Quest) Yes, and I have found astounding info about the Cats of the early. Cats of the ancient? Yes. These cats are believed to have existed in the start of the Third Age. They were used in battle alongside the god armies. Go on. Well, some armour to fit a cat was found around the digsite. You should go and look. What could I do for you today? I am here to inquire about the armour found recently. Yes, yes. It is an amazing discovery. This armour can match a kitty, but buy rs3 gold so far no-one has volounteered theirs.


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